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Duplicate Content

You have just decided that you want to start a web site. You pick a topic that interests you, build and tweak your web site template until it's perfect, and create a stunning logo that will instantly attract the attention of your visitors. Now you just have one thing missing, content. Content is the most important component of a web site. It is the factor that determines whether a web site will be a success, or just another couple of megabytes cluttering up the Internet. Because you know this already, you decide to buy content for you web site. For only $39.99, you can buy fifty articles tailored specifically to your site. Now all you have to do is kick back and wait for the money from AdSense to start pouring in.
You know that it can take several weeks for your web site to be indexed by Google, so you're not too discouraged by the almost nonexistent traffic of your web site. However, week after week passes, and there is still no traffic to your web site. You try typing every keyword that relates to your site into Google, but when you start scrolling through the results, your web site is nowhere to be found. How can this be possible? Your web site has over fifty articles! That should be more than enough content for Google to notice. However, the problem does not lie in the quantity of the content or in Google itself. There are three letters are responsible for your web site's nonexistent traffic: PLR.
The articles you bought are known as private label rights (PLR) articles. These articles are normally generated by software which uses keywords to create different article permutations. They are then marketed in bulk as "unique" or "custom" articles that can be used to populate a web site with content and achieve a high search engine ranking. Because these articles are very popular among many novice web masters, they are sold over and over. Because of this, the Internet can become very cluttered with the same duplicate content.
Because this is a known issue, Google and other search engines have created sophisticated software that can detect duplicate content. Whether you directly cut-and-paste or make some minor changes to the articles, search engines are still able to detect this duplicate content with

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